About Abogada De Accidentes

      The workers of Bakersfield can face numerous types of injuries. From accidents caused by operating machinery, amputations, back injuries, carpal tunnel, burns and, even death.

      In many cases, Bakersfield farm workers are afraid to report their injuries for fear of retaliation, termination or other legal consequences.

      With that in mind, here at Abogada De Accidentes, our firm is dedicated to protecting and advocating for all the injured people of the Central Valley.

      If you want to get fair compensation from your employer or insurance company, you need strong representation from an attorney who will fight for you. Let us help you start your claim today!

      At Abogada de Accidentes, our prime value is you.

      Our Services

      Work Accidents

      If you suffered from any kind of work-related accident or injury, you may receive compensation due to disability for up to $4,800.00, as well as a medical treatment covered and job re-training.

      Truck Accidents

      Whether you were driving or working next to a motor vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation, medical expenses, and treatment, job re-training, disability and more.

      Wrongful Death

      In the worst possible scenario happens, trust Abogada de Accidentes to get you compensation for losing a loved one.

      Dangerous Property Accidents

      If you suffer from an accident on unsafe structures, whether it is a slip and fall, structure in poor condition or any other, you may be entitled to get compensation, medical treatment, and other benefits.

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