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At Abogada de Accidentes we will represent you on any work accident, car accident, truck accident, wrongful death and dangerous property condition and accident with a group of competent lawyers ready to get justice for your claim. You will also find a friendly group of understanding people who will listen and pay attention to you during your time of need.

We Specialize In The Following Areas:

Work Accidents

Work related accidents due or during the practice of the work activity, and work related illnesses.

Truck Accidents

Accidents with large motor vehicles involved.

Vehicle Accidents

Accidents with small motor vehicles involved.

Wrongful Death

Death due to work related incidents or illnesses.

Dangerous Property Accidents

Accidents in properties with dangerous conditions.

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Work Accidents

Lawyers For Workers’ Compensation In Bakersfield

Get Fair Benefits For Your Claim

In California, workers are entitled to get benefits if they suffer from an injury while at work; This happens through workers compensation, for which most employees have insurance to provide a financial lifesaver for the injured worker.

After suffering an injury, or having a job related illness diagnosed, it is very important for the employee to follow the proper steps in the way of getting workers’ compensation benefits.

Not reporting an injury or not filling the claim in the correct way could delay or deny your rights to obtaining the benefits. Misconduct from the employer or the insurance company in order to delay or deny these benefits is illegal.

When you contact Abogada De Accidentes to help you with your case in Bakersfield, our work comp attorneys’ work their best to make sure you and your family get the benefits you are entitled to by law.

When an employer tries to say an injury is not work-related or denies your claim for whatever reason, our lawyers will be by your side. We will use the Courts to secure compensation, help you obtain medical treatment and ensure you are receiving disability payments.

What To Do After A Work Injury

You have to react quickly after a work injury or a work related illness. This will give you more chances to get the maximum compensation for your claim. Follow theses steps:

  • Report the injury: After you suffer an injury at work, report it to your employer right away.
  • Visit a doctor: After the work injury, regardless the severity of it, request to attend the doctor’s office right away. This will establish a link between your work activity and the injury, which will help you when filing your claim.
  • Contacting a specialist: Get in touch with a Bakersfield work comp lawyer as soon as you can.

Truck Accidents

For Filing A Truck Accident Lawsuit In Bakersfield

Accidents In Southern California Involving Large Vehicles Such As Big Rig, Semi Truck, Tractor-Trailer, And 18-Wheelers

If you have suffered an accident where a big truck such as an 18-wheeler or a tractor-trailer was involved, it is probable that you are suffering from serious injuries and that your vehicle was seriously damaged. You will need your medical bills paid, property damage compensation, and probably some other financial losses to help you rebuild your life.

After this kind of accident, the best thing to do is to talk to a specialist Bakersfield truck accident lawyer, to find out if you are entitled of compensation, medical aid or any other settlement. Not finding the right kind of lawyer could make that the responsible party for your accident offers you an unfair compensation; say the fault was yours, or any other excuse that makes your case harder. That is why in Abogada de Accidentes we have professionals in this area.

We Find Justice For The Victims Of Truck Accidents

When a truck accident happens, the truck driver is rarely the person who suffers injuries. Other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclist and other non-truck occupants are the one who will have to deal with the physic consequences of the truck driver’s negligence.

At Abogada de Accidentes we help Bakersfield’s truck accidents’ victims to seek justice for their cases, by getting them a money compensation to take care of physical and emotional recovery such as medical bills, lost of wages, and other problems caused by the accident.

By gathering medical reports and any other related documentation to demonstrate the severity of the injury; using private investigators to search for accurate information about the accident itself; collecting evidence to prove the liability of the truck driver; negotiating with insurance companies; and even taking the case to a civil court trial if necessary; at Abogada de Accidentes we take your case to the maximum of our capacities to assure you a fair deal.

Our group of lawyers in Bakersfield will also be in constant contact with you, answering your questions, letting you every step of the process, guiding you, and accompanying you throughout all the process.

Wrongful Death

If You Are A Bakersfield Resident Looking For Help Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

We Can Give You The Help You Need And Get You Justice

The loss of a loved person can be unexpected and devastating, besides unnecessary. It makes you wonder what is it that occasioned such a terrible event. If a company or a person is responsible for the death, you may feel the need to seek justice for your loved one. But it is not easy and it can be confusing and overwhelming, so at Abogada de Accidentes we can take care of helping you.

If you live in southern California, Abogada de Accidentes’ staff can help you. We are committed to helping anyone who has lost a loved one due to a person or company’s negligent actions. If a family was struck by a tragedy due to car accidents, police misconduct, truck accidents, or any incident that ends with a spouse, father, grandfather’s, or any other loved one’s life.

At Abogada de Accidentes we take your case and handle every single aspect necessary to help you achieve justice while you take care of feeling better and spending time with your family while you honor the memory of your loved one.

Damages Due To Wrongful Death Actions
California allows relatives such as spouses, partners, children, grandchildren, parents or dependents to file a lawsuit due to wrongful death actions. Suitors have up to 2 years or 3 years if medical malpractice is involved to file the suit against the responsible party. In the case of a government entity, suitors have only 6 months for the file.

For this reason, it is best to take immediate action after the wrongful death happens, to avoid statute limitation or any other obstacle.

When Abogada de Accidentes takes your wrongful death claim, we pursue compensation for medical expenses; financial support; funeral costs; burial costs; household and services expenses; loss of love, companion attention and support; loss of affection and sex; and loss of guidance for children.

Dangerous Property Accidents

Attorneys For Slip And Fall In Bakersfield

We Offer You Legal Solutions For Your Premises Liability Claims

If you have gone through an accident in someone’s house, such as a slip, a fall, a trip, or any other, you can prove that the property owner has liability for your injuries, having to give you a compensation for the costs associated with your recovery and care.

If your accident in a dangerous property happened because of negligence; an incident that could have been prevented; lack of safety due to the owner’s fault; the wrong use of the property; or the lack of correct lighting, warnings or reparations; then you can be entitled of compensation.

Be Careful With Insurance Companies
When dealing with insurance companies, it is probably that you find they try to pay you the minimum for your claim, or simply deny any payment at all by holding you accountable for your accidents.

With the help of the team of Abogada De Accidentes, you will be able to fight any insurance company that does not want to pay you the fair share for your accident. Having the help of professionals will make it more than your word against theirs; our years of expertise will make your case stand.